Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No pictures...but the garden is doing great!

It appears I have lost my camera. I recently moved into a new apartment down at school and ever since my camera has been missing. There are only a few places it can be..at my house, at the new apartment, or with Claire..it's hard to tell. Anyway, so I will not be posting pictures any time soon. I know, I'm bummed, too.

So some updates on the garden: The grapes are growing like crazy. There are bundles of plump pea-sized grapes all over both of the vines. The vines now reach the top of the trellis. The blueberries are doing well, also. One out of two of our blueberry bushes is completely covered with purple-ish green berries. They just recently started to turn purple. The other bush has no berries, but it did have flowers at the beginning of the season. These few flowers may have fallen off, but at least they were around long enough to cross pollinate with the blueberry covered bush. The tomatoes aren't doing so bad either. The one's in the front of the house looked pretty bad for a while, but are really taking off now. I've counted about 12 little green tomatoes, so that's not too shabby for the beginning of June. The broccoli leaves look beautifully frosted, as they always do. And don't even get me started on the peppers. We have sweet banana peppers probably 2-3inches long, already! Next to the grapes, they are the most thriving plants in the garden. If and when I find my camera, I will post pictures. Happy gardening!

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  1. Sounds like everything is really taking off in your garden....hope you find your camera soon!