Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cabin Fever...C'mon spring!

Well, we've had quite the winter in the northeast so far. I am ready for all this snow to melt and for some green to come poking through. I know the garden is going to be better than ever. It is with every new spring and summer. Expectations are high. I bought lots of sunflower seeds at Wal-mart this past week. I was shocked to see the wall of seed packets. I am sure that everyone at Wal-mart thought I was nuts when I shrieked with joy and ran to the wall of seeds. Oh well. Typical day, I suppose. I bought some old and new hybrids (they were all Burpee seeds). These include:Bold

Moonwalker (new) - pale yellow sunflower. I hope these are similar to the Lemon queens I had last summer.

Citrus (new) - orange sunflower - Looks like bright orange mac'n'cheese colored petals (according to the packet).

Strawberry Blonde Hybrid (new) - pink center fanning out into yellow/white tipped petals

Mammoth (old) - gigantic bright yellow sunflower - everyone knows what these guys look like

Chianti Hybrid (old) - deep red/purple sunflowers - these are those incredibly unique dark sunflowers. They were a hit last summer. I bought two packets of these guys.

Evening Sun Mix (new, but similar to old mix)- yellow to orange to deep red petals. I had a similar packet of seeds last summer with a different name, but I believe them to be almost identical. I can't wait to see how these turn out. Mixed seeds are always exciting because you never truly know what you're going to get. I like the surprise.